Official Adminspotting Stickers/Decals

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I decided I wanted an Adminspotting sticker for my laptop, and thought others might too.

Unlike T-shirts, I can order a bunch and hold an inventory without worrying too much about different sizes, etc.

Product information

The stickers are 240x40mm. This is the artwork:

Artwork for Adminspotting stickers

Here's a photo of an actual sticker with an Official Adminspotting T-Shirt:

Image of Adminspotting stickers with Adminspotting T-shirt

Stock and Delivery times

Orders placed by midday will be shipped the following working day, stock allowing.

I currently have stickers in stock; in the unlikely event that I run out soon, there is a 3-4 working day lead time to obtain more.

As a general rule, please allow 14 working days for delivery.